Terms and conditions


TouristMenu S.r.l.s., legally registered company with headquarters in Via Olindo Guerrini 21, Rome, CF and VAT number 12742601003, (henceforth referred to as “TouristMenu”), operates an online platform for promotional activities in benefit of trading Partners (henceforth referred to as “Partner/s”)  and offers to its Customers (henceforth referred to as “Client/s” or “Customer/s”) free download of Tickets (henceforth referred to as “Ticket/s”). The Ticket entitled the Customer to food benefits provided by a Partner, or rather promotional and fixed prices according to the Ticket type (Smart, Deluxe, Premium, Gourmet).

The www.touristmenu.com website (hereinafter denominated “Website”) publishes daily information on deals or discounts available (henceforth denominated “Deal/s” or “Offer/s”) during a certain period (henceforth denominated “Promotional Campaign”) and it offers to users registered in the Website (henceforth denominated “Customer/s or Member/s “) the possibility of using it.
The activity of TouristMenu is carried out in order to realize offers on behalf of the Partners, to publish Promotional Campaigns on the Website and to manage technical systems relating to the issue and transmission of the Ticket.
TouristMenu acts as an intermediary between Customers and Partners and do not establish any contractual relationship with customers in relation to the services offered using the Tickets.

Payment is always at the Partner restaurant. The deals published by TouristMenu refer to services that will be paid by each partner, who is entitled to exclusive contract ownership with the customers.

The Offers are represented by a Ticket which is used for a regular value higher than the price of the ticket itself.



By registering in special section “Subscribe to our Newsletter”, you indicate that you accept to receive periodic newsletters containing information about special news and promotions and that you agree to abide by terms of use, that also contain information about the personal data treatment by TouristMenu.

The simple registration confers the status of “Subscribers” Customer but does not allow for download on the Website.

The chance to download the Ticket on the Website is reserved for “Registered Customers”.

To register, you need to select the specific section “Register” or, alternatively, enter your data in the process of Ticket purchasing and you need to accept the terms of use after having read the information on the processing of personal data.

The newsletters are only sent to Subscribers who have taken affirmative steps to subscribe.

If the Client wish to stop receiving our newsletter, is it possible at any time to send a request to be unsubscribed.



Registered  Clients and Subscribers have the rights to update and to rectify their personal information held by TouristMenu at any time.

Registered  Clients and Subscribers are responsible for the veracity and accuracy of their personal data, therefore, TouristMenu assumes no liability in this regard.

Registered  Clients and Subscribers may cancel their membership/registration at any time.

If they do not wish to receive our newsletter,  Registered  Clients and Subscribers can unsubscribe whenever they want.

You can unsubscribe from the service by Following the unsubscribe instructions included in each newsletter.

For more information, the Client may contact our customer service using the contact form available at info@touristmenu.com.



The presentation of products and amenities of the deal (in particular, the conditions of use and the availability of the services) is prepared by using partner’s indications, informations and instructions.
The corresponding page is approved in advance by the Partner. For each deal TouristMenu indicates the name or the business name of the Partner, headquarters or domicile and telephone number, and – if available – fax, email address and website.

Before posting any deal on the website, TouristMenu checks: (i) the existence and effective operation of Partners, (ii) the suitability of the restaurants to provide services in accordance with the characteristics described in the deal.

With regards to Partners, before posting any deal on the website, TouristMenu undertakes to do the following: (i) the inspection of the restaurant by a commercial of TouristMenu, in case where the Partner operates in a city (and its province) served by our sales force; (ii) the performing of the following checks and inspections in the city where TouristMenu has no sales force: a. preliminary checks on the potential Partner reputation via web, by consulting search engines, blogs, and web sites specialized in business structures evaluation and review (such as Tripadvisor, oversight, 2spaghi and the like); b. acquisition of commercial information on potential partners (certificate of incorporation or similar), to check the effectiveness of the company; c. examination of the partner’s website, if available; d. acquisition of photographs of the restaurants where take place the activity covered by the deal and telephone survey.

As indicated above, TouristMenu may not guarantee the completeness (also according to the law on electronic commerce and on consumer’s contracts), nor for the content of the information provided by the partner or the conformity to that described in the deal with the actual service provided, as well as the legality of the use by the partner of images, video and logos of which the Partner has requested the publication on the Website, as well as the legitimate use of images, videos and logos by the Partner, who requested the publication of these on the Website.

In any event, TouristMenu is liable to the Customer in case of no indication of the Partner, that is, if is published an offer with other content than as authorized by the Partner, and if the relevant verifications are not done at all or are not diligently performed, TouristMenu also responds, pursuant to law, in all cases in which it does not use professional diligence in the services performance.

The images used are only indicative and do not always accurately represent products or services.

Moreover, TouristMenu highlights  that it is a duty of the Partner to ensure the product legal conformity.



Each Promotional Campaign has a specific duration and it will be specified to the Client by way of  Website.



The Ticket price matches to the price of all services, and it includes any taxes that are bearing down on it.



TouristMenu not supply services or products subject to the Offer.

Products and services will be provided by the Partner, who will be liable to the Customer (or to the person who will use the service) for the quality, safety, legality, truthfulness and accuracy of any product or service. Subject to the foregoing, TouristMenu practices control activities through an ever greater protection of Customers, against possible inconveniences in relation to disputes or complaints about the service object of the Ticket.
The provision of the service have to be required only by the period specified in the Offer and the Ticket.

When Customer purchases a service, its performance have to be request and it will be held at the Partner restaurant or any other place indicated on the Offer.

The performance should be requested only by presenting the Ticket in paper or digital format at the Partner.

The Ticket is transferable, but only for free. It is forbidden to Customers to sell the Tickets or implement other gainful activities by using the Tickets.

Unless otherwise specified, each ticket can be used only once.
If the value shown on the Ticket has not been completely consumed or if the performance has not been completely carried out, the not enjoyed difference will decay.

Unless otherwise stated, TouristMenu does not grant you any rights to use the services at any determined  time. For this reason, the Customers need to agree on the performance time with the restaurant Partner.

Reproduction, editing or alteration of the Ticket is forbidden. In case of illegal reproduction or any other activities not permitted, TouristMenu reserves the right to communicate any personal data and  to take legal action.


Without prejudice to the restrictions on deal contents and to the use of the Partners’s distinctive sign, TouristMenu holds the whole rights relating to the conceptual and graphic content of the Website, as well as the distinctive signs contained in it.

It is therefore forbidden to reproduce, even partial, contents and graphics of the Website, as well as the distinctive signs contained in it.



The relationship between TouristMenu and Customers, including the Registered Customers and those who have made transactions through the Website, it is regulated by the Terms of Use posted on the Website, at the time of inscription or registration. As for the download, it is regulated by the Terms of Use posted on the Website, at the time of downloading by the Registered Client.



These General Conditions  shall be governed and construed in accordance with the applicable national law.

In case of any discrepancy, the Italian text shall apply. Any dispute relating to the interpretation, execution and termination of the contract between Customers and Partners will be competent the Tribunal of Rome.