Yum Yum Style

Trevi Fountain
Mon: 06:45 - 23:30
Tue: 06:45 - 23:30
Wed: 06:45 - 23:30
Thu: 06:45 - 23:30
Fri: 06:45 - 23:30
Sat: 06:45 - 23:30
Sun: 08:00 - 23:30


Yum Yum Style is a typical Roman small restaurant, for a tasty and quick bite or a take-away meal.

The atmosphere is warm and multicultural, typical of center of Rome, with a cheerful staff, who always makes you feel welcome.

In few minutes you will be served with delicious pasta or pizza, that you can enjoy inside the restaurant or outside, at the nearby Trevi Fountain.

Excellent the pizza slices, richly seasoned and crispy, just like the Roman loves.

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Via del Lavatore, 29, Roma, RM, Italia